Bryant Halstead

Bryant Halstead... Getting it Done & Enjoying the Ride!!!

What sets you and your company apart from others? What do you do to stand out, be memorable, and create loyal followers?

What keeps you and others in your organization motivated and focused?

Personal development is not a luxury; it's not something you provide as a reward. It's the life-blood of any organization and the difference between getting by and leading the pack!

While there are many speakers out there to choose from, Bryant will deliver a message that your audience will relate to and he shares ideas they can use to get better results NOW!

As a former Marine and SWAT Commander, Bryant is no stranger to leading teams in high-risk, high-stress, and literally life or death situations.

Most audiences don't execute search warrants on crack houses, encounter gunfire, or deal with hostage situations on a regular basis; yet they are under fire every day from the marketplace, their competitors, and from employee challenges.

Bryant's live programs are packed with humor, secrets of inspiring leadership, creating loyal teams and customers, and dealing with difficult situations.

5 Reasons Why Bryant Halstead Should Be Your Next Speaker:

Dynamic Speaker
Your audience will laugh, be entertained, learn and be inspired! Bryant delivers his message in a way that will grab your audience’s attention and inspire them to action!
Bryant knows the importance of delivering on expectations! He understands and respects the fact that your reputation is on the line when he takes the stage. Bryant is easy to work with and attentive to your objectives.
A Mission-Oriented Life-Changing Message
Bryant mixes enthusiasm and humor with stories to deliver a very high content message that will inspire your audience and move them to action! Bryant will provide a unique presentation tailored to the needs and wants of your audience.
Bryant is an expert on leadership and performing in high stress, high stakes situations. He is an expert who speaks and will deliver a message that is tactically sound and easy to implement.
The standard suit and tie or a former S.W.A.T. Commander turned professional speaker, author, and coach that will entertain and inspire your audience?


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Chesterfield County VA
Kimberly Clark
VA Jaycees
Experts Connection
Sutter Davis
Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce
United States Department of Justice




My Boss Sucks  A Story Book and Survival Guide
Email Bryant
if you would like to purchase this book. S.W.A.T Tactics for Leading and Succeeding in Business
Email Bryant
if you would like to purchase this book.